SALLY UPDATE: Sally has been medically cleared and guess what happened?!? SHE WAS ADOPTED! Sally went with Debbie and her family of boxers. She tried so hard to fit in and look like a Boxer and her plan worked! She landed herself a permanent place on the couch, canine companions to cuddle with, her own doggie pool for the summertime, and more importantly, her very own last name! Sally, we love you so much and our hearts burst with happiness at this news!! Happy, happy, life sweet baby girl! #sallystrong


This beautiful girl is estimated to be around two years old and was first surrendered to a shelter with a 15 pound tumor attached to her neck. BBCR took one look at her and saw the desperation in her eyes and the gentleness in her soul and decided she would join us in Colorado. Once she entered rescue, her tumor was removed. The news wasn’t great – she had an infiltrative lipoma, which is a noncancerous tumor but due to its location and its ability to grow quickly, we knew that she would need more surgeries in the future and it could possibly shorten the length of her life. This news broke many heats, but we also knew that despite this she was a happy girl with only love, smiles, and wiggle butts to give.

Sally with her 15 lb tumor
Sally with her 15 lb tumor

Sally was at our Windsor facility recovering from surgery until an amazing foster family stepped up and offered her a warm bed and even more love and snuggles. It was after Sally made it to her foster home, we found out that Sally was even more amazing than we originally thought. She absolutely adores children and is so gentle and loving with them. She is also very well behaved in a home.

On the evening of October 6th, Sally’s foster family brought her to her new temporary foster home where she would stay while they were on vacation. On the morning of October 7th, Sally wiggled her way out the door of her new foster home and escaped. Her foster family did everything within their power to remain calm and safely capture Sally. Sadly, she was hit by a truck. Noy only was Sally hit by the truck, she was also hit by the truck’s trailer. The driver of the truck didn’t stop and if he or she did they would have realized that Sally, though badly injured, was still alive and fighting to live.

Thanks to Sally’s foster family and a good samaritan, she was loved and cared for at the scene until animal control could get her to an emergency veterinarian. Once she was stabilized, she was taken to Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital where they could better assess her injuries

Sally had X-rays and a CT scan. The initial x-ray showed that she had completely broken her front leg and her jaw. The CT scan revealed that Sally took a majority of her trauma to her head. That means Sally literally got hit in the head by a truck. She has multiple facial fractures, jaw fractures, shattered teeth, etc. In addition to her injuries from the accident, her lipoma (what remains of the 15 pound tumor she came to Colorado with) is far more extensive and infiltrative than we had originally thought. It actually is so large it currently displaces where her tongue should be.

Due to this complication and the poor prognosis an infiltrative lipoma has, her surgical team highly recommends against pursuing the complicated repair of her shattered radius and ulna, which would have a guarded outcome with a very long recovery and huge potential for negative side effects. We still believed that Sally has and deserves a fighting chance. After consulting with the many doctors that are caring for Sally, it was decided the best outcome would be for Sally to have her front leg amputated and she will live successfully as a tri-pod!

Next on the list for evaluation are Sally’s dental concerns. She will have surgery Thursday by the dental team to address these and possibly repair any facial/mandibular fractures needing attention. Until she has surgery she will be getting an esophageal feeding tube and wearing a soft muzzle while her face and skull heal.

These procedures are going to require some time for recovery, but we also know that Sally’s lipoma needs to be addressed to ensure she lives her best life possible. So, once she has recovered from these procedures, the plan will be to go in and debulk the lipoma in her throat/face as much as possible to extend her life and the quality of her breathing. Sally’s lipoma is not cancer, but it grows like cancer and due to it surrounding her main arteries/vessels, and some vital organs, it will eventually be what takes Sally’s life.

Some may question our plans to continue care for Sally, while others will question the type of care we have chosen. One thing we do know is that Sally deserves to live her best life, whether that is months or years. We also know that Sally is in the care of some of the best vets at CSU.

“There is a light in this world, a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness we may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering and too much pain. Then suddenly, that healing spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call and answer in extraordinary ways.” Unknown

Hold Sally in your thoughts and please keep sharing Sally’s story! She has a very long and expensive road ahead of her and we cannot do this without the support and love of ordinary people to give Sally the extraordinary life she deserves. . If you can help donate towards her medical expenses, which are $10,000 at the low end, we appreciate anything you can give!

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