Big Bones Canine Rescue

While most dogs that land in BBCR’s care go straight to foster, sometimes foster space is short and some dogs wind up staying at our facility in Windsor instead.   Our facility is an amazing place for dogs to stay when they’re waiting for their forever homes.  They are loved, well cared for, walked, and given enrichment but the environment isn’t as stress-free as a foster home.  We’ve found that giving them a chance to get out with a volunteer to experience one-on-one time and attention does wonders for their morale!  

A Dog Daze Out includes a fun car trip to a dog wash for a bath, a trip to the coffee shop for a puppaccino, a walk around town and lots of selfies for social media promotion!  Many dogs have found forever or foster homes this way!  Once they get back to the ranch, they’re exhausted from all the new sights and smells and we’ve found that gnawing on a marrow bone is a great way for them to end their special day.  They truly enjoy their days out and the volunteers enjoy it, too!

Dog Daze Out Sponsorship Form

  • If you would like to receive a small thank you from us, please list your address here.
  • Price: $40.00
    This cost covers a grooming and 3 bones - one for the selected dog and the others for two of their friends.
  • We will do our best to accommodate your request. In order to give all of our pups time away from our facility, we can not guarantee that the dog you've requested will be the dog selected for a Dog Daze Out.