Big Bones Canine Rescue

How It All Started

In 2012, Kristie Fisher officially founded Big Bones Canine Rescue Service, Inc. 

Our story of saving lives began in the early 2000’s with a small rescue effort for a big dog in need that came to Kristie’s attention. A giant English Mastiff was in need and Kristies heart just couldn’t say no; so the seed was planted for what is now the fruitful dog rescue we all love!

Present Day

Over the past decade, Big Bones has grown exponentially.  We are based in Windsor Colorado,  we were also able to open a second facility in Wellington Colorado in 2022. On average, we are successfully rescuing over 2,000 dogs a year from predominately out of state locations with high a need for help! We help all kids of dogs:  giant breed, seniors, medical, mutts and purebred dogs.

Our life saving efforts are supported by a robust family of volunteers. We don’t have a paid staff to manage the rescue – from website to adoption we are run by a volunteer staff and support!

We’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished as a team and look forward to what the future will hold in our passion to help dogs who deserve a better life!